Our school coordinates with the “Sunshine Kids-Preschool Social Work Service” provided by Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service. Services include:

Counselling with individual student

To help students overcome their emotional, social, behavioural problems, and the difficulties encountered in their learning, via the face-to-face interaction, play therapy, and home visits.

Counselling with parents

To help parents to self-grow and facilitate parental skills by face-to-face interviews and cognitive therapy.

Children groups and activities

To help students develop good characters and daily routines by providing various activities and cell groups.

Parental education

To assist parents to build the interactive network and facilitate parental skills by organising cell groups and seminars.

Advisory service

To provide information and advice to students and parents.

Referral service

To help students and parents refer to the appropriate professionals.

Recommendations of external resources

To provide appropriate services to students through recommending various external sources available.